It’s Still a Great Time to Buy in Minneapolis

Inflation is high and interest rates are up—is this really the time to buy a house? Experts say, yes. Here are three reasons why buying a house right makes good sense.

Homeownership is a great hedge against inflation
It seems like prices are going up just about everywhere, but if you’re locked into a stable rate for the duration of your loan, your house payment will always stay the same. Unlike renting which typically renews (and often rises) annually, owning a home allows you to stabilize what is most likely your largest monthly payment.

There is less competition for houses
Unlike the craziness of the pandemic days when hot markets saw dozens of bidders frantically hoping to beat the competition,…

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Public Service Announcement: Bonus Depreciation is Going Away!

Did you know that one of the most incredible tax benefits of owning real estate is going away at the end of this year? That’s right, at the end of 2022 you can say goodbye to 100% bonus depreciation. Well, it’s not completely going away, but it will be phasing out over the coming years. Here’s how that looks:

2023 = 80%
2024 = 60%
2025 = 40%
2026 = 20%
2027 = 0%

So, for those who aren’t complete tax nerds, what exactly is Bonus Depreciation? Bonus Depreciation only came into existence in 2017 with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’s (TCJA), and truthfully, it’s been pretty awesome for the past 5 years.

Depreciation is just the IRS’s way of recognizing that things wear out over time and thus…

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BET ON THE JOCKEY, NOT THE HORSE: Five Traits to Look for in an Operator & Important Questions to Ask

How do you find the right team to help you reach your investment goals? Here are five things to keep in mind and questions to ask to help determine if your operator is the right fit for you.

Are they smart and hardworking? Do they have integrity? Take the time to find the right personality fit, and never rush into a deal or partnership.

Track Record
Don’t just look at how previous deals performed. Look at how they performed relative to the original business plan. Did the operator project a 20% IRR but only deliver 17%? That’s not a terrible return, but it’s suspicious when compared with the original objective.


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What’s Ahead for Home Prices?

There’s a saying in real estate: You marry the home, but date the rate!

As the housing market cools in response to the dramatic rise in mortgage rates, home price appreciation is cooling as well. And if you’re following along with headlines in the media, you’re probably seeing a wide range of opinions calling for everything from falling home prices to ongoing appreciation. But what’s true? What’s most likely to happen moving forward?

While opinions differ, the most likely outcome is we’ll fall somewhere in the middle of slight appreciation and slight depreciation. Here’s a look at the latest expert projections so you have the best information possible today.

What the Experts Are Saying About Home Prices Next Year

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What Are Experts Saying About the Fall Housing Market?


The housing market is rapidly changing from the peak frenzy it saw over the past two years. That means you probably have questions about what your best move is if you’re thinking of buying or selling this fall.

To help you make a confident decision, lean on the professionals for insights. Here are a few things experts are saying about the fall housing market.

Expert Quotes for Fall Homebuyers

A recent article from

“This fall, a more moderate pace of home selling, more listings to choose from, and softening price growth will provide some breathing room for buyers searching for a home during what is typically the best time to buy a home.”

Michael Lane, VP and General…

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Top Reasons Homeowners Are Selling Their Houses Right Now

Some people believe there’s a group of homeowners who may be reluctant to sell their houses because they don’t want to lose the historically low mortgage rate they have on their current home. You may even have the same hesitation if you’re thinking about selling your house.

Data shows 51% of homeowners have a mortgage rate under 4% as of April this year. And while it’s true mortgage rates are higher than that right now, there are other non-financial factors to consider when it comes to making a move. In other words, your mortgage rate is important, but you may have other things going on in your life that make a move essential, regardless of where rates are today. As Jessica Lautz, Vice…

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Getting Your House Ready To Sell? Work with an Agent for Expert Advice

In a market that’s shifting as fast as it is today, many homeowners wonder what, if anything, needs to be renovated before they sell their house. That’s where a trusted real estate professional comes in. They can help you think through today’s market conditions and how they impact what you should – and shouldn’t – do before selling your house.

Here are some considerations a professional will guide you through.

What You Need To Know About Your Local Market

Since the supply of homes for sale has increased so much this year, today’s buyers have more options than they had last year. That may mean you’re not able to ignore some of those repairs or cosmetic updates you could…

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Buyers: You May Face Less Competition as Bidding Wars Ease 

One of the top stories in recent real estate headlines was the intensity and frequency of bidding wars. With so many buyers looking to purchase a home and so few of them available for sale, fiercely competitive bidding wars became the norm during the pandemic – and it drove home prices up. If you tried to buy a house over the past two years, you probably experienced this firsthand and may have been outbid on several homes along the way.

But here’s the news you’ve been waiting for: data shows clear signs bidding wars are easing this year.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the average number of offers on recently sold homes has declined considerably over the…

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Watch the Latest Videos on Our Newest Olympus Fund Acquisitions

  DRG’s partners at Invictus Capital, Principal Dan Krueger and Operations Manager Garrett Jansch, recently recorded a video tour of the Olympus Fund’s most recent acquisition, Darthmouth-Castleton. Click on the video link below to tour a unit, find out about updates we’re planning for the building—inside and out—and learn more about what makes Darthmouth-Castleton an exceptional property. We also got Dan and Invictus Partner Anthony Vicino to sit down and give us a sneak peek of the newest acquisitions the fund will be closing on in August and September—Modesto Duo and Aldrich Trio.   Click on the video link below to learn more about the great locations and…

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What Does the Rest of the Year Hold for Home Prices?

Whether you’re a potential homebuyer, seller, or both, you probably want to know: will home prices fall this year? Let’s break down what’s happening with home prices, where experts say they’re headed, and why this matters for your homeownership goals.

Last Year’s Rapid Home Price Growth Wasn’t the Norm

In 2021, home prices appreciated quickly. One reason why is that record-low mortgage rates motivated more buyers to enter the market. As a result, there were more people looking to make a purchase than there were homes available for sale. That led to competitive bidding wars which drove prices up. CoreLogic helps explain how unusual last year’s appreciation was:

Price appreciation…

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