Whether you already own a condo or single-family home, or you're looking to purchase an investment property, Minneapolis rental management takes time and energy, but it doesn't have to be yours! DRG Property Management in Minneapolis can be as involved as you'd like. From simply handling the funds or everything from paperwork, licensing, tax forms, rent collections, phone calls, and repairs...we do the work, and you reap the benefits.


At DRG Property Management, we specialize in the Minneapolis urban market. We have a thorough understanding of the city’s neighborhoods, amenities and residential buildings, and appreciate the unique benefits and challenges of urban living. DRG uses a system of property leasing and management that is specifically designed to maximize your investment so your Minneapolis property can work for you, not the other way around.


Investing in Minneapolis rental properties is one of the smartest financial decisions you can make, but there is more to being a landlord than placing a rental ad online and hoping for the best. Our team saves you time, money and hassles with our proven system for finding and keeping reliable and dependable renters and maintaining your property for maximum value retention. Use our expertise to get the most return out of your investment property.


DRG property managers have years of experience in the Minneapolis market. This experience results in a better understanding of this unique niche in rentals and the ability to work through any negotiations, issues or challenges that can occur during the leasing process. The DRG team is always professional, open and easily accessible. Our full-service model means that we are here for you from start to finish, and we will continue to be your advocate through the life of the lease.


Because we use the best technology available, we can stay up to date with the market, inventory and local trends. The DRG Apartment Guide on our website features extensive information and resources for prospective renters including details on residential buildings and their amenities, neighborhood features and highlights, and information on association fees and building rules and regulations.