Manage My Single-Family Home

Let us handle everything

If you are the owner of a single-family home, you know the unique challenges that come with the upkeep and maintenance of an aging property. DRG Property Management in Minneapolis can give you a fully hands-off property management experience, or simply collect the rent and provide other services à la carte as you need. Whatever the level of service, you get peace of mind knowing that your property is well-managed by DRG professionals with decades of experience in all the details of real estate investment and property management in Minneapolis.

What will it cost?

  • Full Management: $149/mo

    • $149/mo base management fee occupied property
    • Full services including repair and maintenance coordination with a 10% fee
  • On-Demand Basic Service Plan: $29/mo

    • $29/mo base management fee occupied unit
    • Monthly Financial Statements and rent collection only (Maintenance invoices $200/invoice)
    • The owner is responsible for all maintenance coordination, vendor billing, inspections, security deposit disposal licensing, insurance compliance, etc.

Full Management services:

  • Collect and remit rent payments (monthly I & E financial statements)
  • DRG is the local property manager for the City of MPLS
  • Pre-lease inspection, key turnover, Post-lease inspection
  • Contact the tenants for all issues - Generate CRP (Certificate of Rent Paid) and send it to the tenant(s)
  • Coordinate Repairs & Maintenance (Maint. Coordination Fee = 10% Full-Service & $200/invoice On-Demand, 24/7 emergency maintenance)
  • Semi-annual check-ins of the property
  • City Inspections & Rental Licensing
  • Vendor bulk pricing, service contract setup, and preventative maintenance plans

Single-family home management covers the entire property. DRG is the local property manager for the City of Minneapolis and the primary tenant contact for all issues regarding the unit.


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