Number of available positions: 5


  • Linden Hills
  • Longfellow
  • Lakes Area
  • North
  • North East

Reports To: Sales Manager

DRG Vision: To be THE Realtor for the city of Minneapolis by 2030

Role Mission: Contributes to the success of DRG’s Vision as lead sales agent in DRG neighborhood office to drive revenue, market share, agent count and culture in order to establish DRG as the dominant Realtor in the defined market area. Assist Sales Manager to recruit, develop, lead, and retain “A” level agents and staff.

Critical Accountabilities:

  1. Increase revenue to build the dominant Neighborhood Office in that Minneapolis neighborhood market area
  2. Assist Sales Manager to recruit, train, manage, coach, retain and regularly review Office Agents (buy/sell & leasing) and Staff based on Core Values and performance to accountabilities at an “A” player level
  3. Individual sales performance
  4. Develop & maintain DRG as a neighborhood and community partner

Expected Activities and Outcomes (measurable results of accountabilities):

  1. Total office revenue $__M first year, second year $__M with a maximum of __% from individual production
  2. Neighborhood market share of __ first year, second year of __
  3. Minimum agent count of ___ first year, ___ second year
  4. Participate in __ hours of training monthly, __ of that in leading group training or on-on-one coaching
  5. Agent and staff minimum of __% “A” players with a minimum ___ eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score)
  6. Host/lead participation in ___ neighborhood/community events and drive philanthropic revenue of __% percent of office revenue annually

Role based competencies:

  1. A “Player/coach” who leads by example and helps others succeed as well
  2. Has a “rising tide floats all boats” mentality
  3. Strong track record, swagger, and expertise in Real Estate Sales & Marketing
  4. A community builder; eager to foster and create team-based culture
  5. Uses deep knowledge of market and competition to strategically rise above the pack

Ancillary accountabilities:

  • Oversee Office P&L
  • Support Sales Manager in researching competition and developing business & marketing strategies
  • Attend all company and sales meetings, including daily/weekly team huddles and Management Leadership Team (MLT) meetings.

Compensation: 90/10% split, office rent/participation fee $1,000 per month, 25 for 25% for recruiting bonus, *Office revenue sharing and two free DRG annual trip vouchers
*Details in face to face meeting.

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