Manage My Condo or Townhome

Let us handle everything

There is a lot that goes into managing a condo, loft or townhome. DRG's Minneapolis Property Management can give you a fully hands-off property management experience, or simply collect the rent and provide other services à la carte as you need. Whatever the level of service, you get peace of mind knowing that your property is well-managed by DRG professionals with decades of experience in all the details of real estate investment and property management in Minneapolis.

What will it cost?

  • All-Inclusive Management - $119/month base management fee occupied property
  • On Demand Management (rent collections, other services à la carte) - $25/month

All-Inclusive Management services:

  • Collect and remit rent payments (monthly I & E financial statements)
  • DRG is the local property manager for City of MPLS
  • Pre-lease inspection, key turnover, post-lease inspection
  • Contact the tenants for all issues - Generate CRP (Certificate of Rent Paid) and send to tenant(s)
  • Coordinate repairs & maintenance (0% fee & 24/7 emergency maintenance)
  • Quarterly check-ins of the property
  • Coordination with Association (Governing documents, Rules & Regulations Compliance, etc.)
  • City Inspections & Rental Licensing
  • Vendor bulk pricing, service contract setup and preventative maintenance plans

Condo, loft or townhome management covers only the unit, not the building. DRG is the local property manager for City of Minneapolis and the primary tenant contact for all issues regarding the unit.