If you’re a first-time buyer looking to break into the housing market but struggling to find a home to buy, condominiums (or condos) could be a great alternative for you.

Here are a few reasons condos may be something you’ll want to consider.

Exploring Condos Could Add Options That Fit Your Budget

Supply challenges are a reality across the board in today’s housing market. Broadening your home search to include condos could increase your overall pool of options. Just keep in mind, condos generally differ from single-family homes in average space and floorplans.

In a recent article, Bankrate covers some of these differences:

“Condos are generally more affordable because they come with less space — you likely won’t have your…

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Going into a new year, I want to make my mental and physical well-being a top priority. The older (and wiser) I get, I notice that when my mind and body are right, everything else falls into place. A sense of community is also a critical component of my overall health.

Having access to a gym is very important to me and can also be a key criterion in the home-searching process. I’ve talked to a handful of buyers who say that close proximity to a local gym is a “must have” when purchasing a home. I can relate. Having my gym within walking distance holds me accountable, because I see it—and I see people getting after it—which motivates me to get off my tail and get to work!

If access/close proximity to a local gym or studio is just as…

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OK, let’s be honest for a second—If you’re the owner of a fur baby (or multiple fur babies), most of your day-to-day activities revolve around them. If you ask my guys, Tito and Leo, they’d confirm that it’s their world and I just live in it (which I’m not ashamed to agree).

When it comes to purchasing a home, I’m sure you’re not shocked to know that most buyers consider how well the property is suited to their dog’s needs. Will they like it? Is there enough room for them? Does it have a backyard and is it fenced? Is there a dog park nearby? They’re great questions to ask and much appreciated by our little princesses and princes.

And our loyal companions need to socialize just as much as we do! Tito and Leo are very…

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A Bit About Bourbon

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I was born and raised in Kentucky, so I naturally have a taste for bourbon cocktails. I actually consider myself a bourbon connoisseur. When I moved here, I found that most people think bourbon and whiskey are the same thing, and the common word for any dark liquor is “whiskey.”

Actually, bourbon is a type of whiskey. Bourbon (which is commonly produced in Kentucky) must contain at least 51% corn in what distillers call the “mash bill” to be classified as bourbon. The amount of corn isn’t the only thing that will classify a whiskey as bourbon, though. By law, bourbon must be aged in newly charred white oak barrels so that it can achieve the traditional nutty and sweet flavor profile I know and love. And, more importantly,…

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