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I was born and raised in Kentucky, so I naturally have a taste for bourbon cocktails. I actually consider myself a bourbon connoisseur. When I moved here, I found that most people think bourbon and whiskey are the same thing, and the common word for any dark liquor is “whiskey.”

Actually, bourbon is a type of whiskey. Bourbon (which is commonly produced in Kentucky) must contain at least 51% corn in what distillers call the “mash bill” to be classified as bourbon. The amount of corn isn’t the only thing that will classify a whiskey as bourbon, though. By law, bourbon must be aged in newly charred white oak barrels so that it can achieve the traditional nutty and sweet flavor profile I know and love. And, more importantly, it must be produced in the United States. Additionally, the mash for each bourbon whiskey has to be distilled at 160 proof or less and placed into that mandatory new oak barrel at 125 proof or less. It’s truly quite a process!

But enough with the educational session. If you’re a bourbon (or whiskey) lover like I am, I got you! Below are some of my all-time favorite spots and drinks in the city to keep my Kentucky blood thick and warm during the cold Minnesota winters.

  1. Fhima’s – Telephone Call from Istanbul: Fhima’s Old Fashioned
  2. Parlour – Parlour Old Fashioned
  3. Constantine (Hotel Ivy) – Constantine Old Fashioned
  4. The Butcher's Tale – Butter Pecan Old Fashioned & Bourbon Sour
  5. Keeper’s Heart Whiskey Lounge (O’Shaughnessy Distilling Co.) – Payanelo
  6. Stilheart Distillery & Cocktail Lounge – Only After Dark
  7. Hewing Hotel Bar & Lounge – Hewing Old Fashioned
  8. Monte Carlo – Old Fashioned
  9. Cobble Social House – Grand Theft Autumn
  10. Tattersall Distilling – Old Fashioned
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