Vlad Istrate

Leasing Professional - Urban Realtor
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Vlad Istrate, Leasing Professional - Urban Realtor

About Vlad

Vlad's journey into the world of real estate began when he was just a young boy accompanying his mother on property visits. After years of watching her negotiate deals and observing the intricate details of the industry, Vlad developed a fascination for the field. With a passion for advertising, he's currently pursuing a degree in the subject while continuing to work at DRG.

Vlad's knowledge of multiple languages, including English, Russian, and Spanish, has made him a valuable asset in many business settings. He's worked on numerous projects at DRG, including marketing campaigns for both commercial and residential properties.

 Outside of work, Vlad loves to explore Minneapolis and discover its many hidden gems. From trying new restaurants to exploring the city's parks, he's always up for an adventure. Vlad is also a devoted dog lover and enjoys spending time with his furry friend whenever he can. Whether at work or play, Vlad's passion for life shines through in everything he does.

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