Paul Begich

Urban Realtor - Investment Specialist
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Paul Begich, Urban Realtor - Investment Specialist

About Paul

I’m a big believer in financial freedom and living a life of abundant opportunity!

I remember being nine years old and getting home from school on what should have been a very typical school day. The bus dropped me off at the end of the cul-de-sac and I ran my way up to the house excited – excited because I had an oatmeal cream pie with my name on it (if you know, you know!). Once my belly was full from the delicious snack, I settled in for a new movie premiering on the Disney Channel. It was then that my Dad came into the room, which was weird because he was never home this early, and sat to my right. My Mom then came in and sat to my left. They turned off the TV and my Dad said to me, “Son, your Mom and I aren’t going to live together anymore.” It was at this moment that my childhood would change forever – two birthdays, two Christmases, two houses but never a home.

My parents’ divorce completely shaped my life and beliefs as a young child. In the years to follow, I took a vow that finances were NEVER going to impact the relationships in my life as this was a major reason my parents split.

The reason I share this story with you is it’s important you connect with my beliefs of creating a life of abundant wealth and opportunity for myself and the clients I serve. The avenue I’ve chosen to create this life of abundance is through real estate. If you’re here reading this, know that I bring this belief in financial freedom through real estate to everyone I serve.

I would consider it a true pleasure to connect and learn more about YOUR real estate needs and financial freedom goals – book a phone call with me directly here.

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