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Jerron Smith, Urban Realtor

About Jerron

Born and raised in small-town Southern Kentucky, just a few minutes north of Nashville, TN. Which if you ask around, they’d tell you I’m a self-proclaimed Bourbon connoisseur.

Attended the University of Louisville (it’s pronounced “loo-a-vuhl”), majored in Business Administration and minored in Marketing–also a diehard Cardinal fan.

Migrated to Minneapolis for job working with the Minnesota Timberwolves–then transitioned to the healthcare space working at HealthPartners and Optum/UHC.

Why Real Estate? I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up watching my parents own multiple properties, flip them and transition them into rental properties. (I also had my experience in “landscaping” weed eating and mowing on weekends…). I want to be a resource for people who to achieve the life goal of homeownership and helping people explore parts of Minneapolis that they may have been told they can’t explore or afford.

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