Jacob Sharbono

Agent Services Director
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Jacob Sharbono, Agent Services Director

About Jacob

As he approaches his 5th year at DRG, Jacob looks back at his early days. Having attended High School aboard the SS Tipton, a cruise ship/charter program, Sharbono recalls, “Those were my formative years. It was an amazing way to learn, to see the world, not just in the pages of geography books, but through the lenses of culture. I’d like to think I changed those places as much as they changed me.” While it may seem odd, Jacob was no stranger to unconventional living, even from a young age. His mother, a lounge singer, provided for him and his brother by performing in the hotel where they also lived. “Of course hijinks ensued,” Jacob shares, “but that’s what being a kid is about. Besides, we couldn’t get away with too much while the hotel manager, Mr. Moseby, was watching, lol. We still caused our fair share of mischief.”

As for what’s next, Jacob’s only words were, “I live my life a quarter mile at a time.”


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