Dan O'Brien

Leasing Agent - Urban Realtor
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Dan O'Brien, Leasing Agent - Urban Realtor

About Dan

I was born out of state but moved to Shoreview, MN, at a young age and graduated from MV High School. My first love was soccer, and I was lucky enough to play in college and then professionally. It taught me how to sacrifice and work hard! Since entering the real work world, I have helped build and manage more than one successful small business, usually directing the sales and customer service departments. I believe building relationships is the most important part of any job.

Over the past ten years, I've lived in Downtown Minneapolis and am proud to call it my home. Coupling my experience with my love for construction and real estate means DRG is a dream job in my backyard! 

When not working, my wife and I like to try new restaurants while mixing in our favorites. I'm an avid Minnesota sports fan (go Vikes), and when I get my permission slip signed, I love to golf! Above all, we enjoy family time and making it to the cabin during the summer.

Minneapolis has so many distinctive neighborhoods that I'm confident your perfect new home is out there for us to discover together. I'm excited to meet you and learn about your situation! 

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