Clarissa Williamson

Urban Realtor
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Clarissa Williamson, Urban Realtor

About Clarissa

Clarissa has a strong connection with the city as she was born and raised in Minneapolis, as well as very familiar with how Minneapolis works. Before starting in real estate, she was a leasing agent in the downtown Minneapolis area. Clarissa believes that finding someone’s perfect home isn’t just a job, but a new chapter in someone’s life that she ultimately gets to help them start.

Her friends describe her as being a caring and dedicated person who sets out to do something and follows through. Clarissa’s honesty and bright personality are what really connect her with people from all different walks of life. She loves to learn about people and build long lasting relationships, as she believes they are very important to have.

Clarissa is extremely detail-oriented and works to exceed expectations by doing the little things that others may not think are important, but make a huge difference. Coming from a leasing background, she is bringing her skill sets into the real estate world, as she has always had a passion for it.

In her free time, she loves to travel, try out new restaurants, workout, sew and design, and spend quality time with her friends and family when able to (Her family is now in San Diego and Nashville). She also loves to donate her time within the community, and has previously helped start up a non-profit organization.

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