Britt Gerwick

Leasing Agent
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Britt Gerwick, Leasing Agent

About Britt

I'm Britt, a leasing agent at DRG, and sports have played a crucial role in shaping who I am today. They taught me the value of reliability, teamwork, and leadership, skills that form the foundation of my professional career. Coaching multiple sports like basketball, football, and lacrosse has not only allowed me to share my knowledge and passion with others but also sharpened my ability to connect and communicate with people from all walks of life.

During my time as the Head Assistant Coach for CNCC, I delved into the world of recruiting, immersing myself in the intricacies of building relationships and connecting with individuals across the country. This experience further honed my ability to relate, work, and communicate effectively with people, which has proven invaluable in my current role as a leasing Realtor.

Before joining DRG, I served as a Senior Hospitality Associate, where I specialized in guest services and sales. Through this role, I developed a strong background in project management and cultivating strong client relationships. I excel in anticipating and identifying needs, ensuring that I address any system breakdowns promptly to provide clients with maximum satisfaction and an exceptional experience.

Beyond my professional life, I'm an avid enthusiast of both outdoor and indoor activities. I love swimming and working out to keep my heart rate up, and activities like yoga and CrossFit perfectly complement my sports background. To satisfy my competitive spirit, I'm part of a weekly 'Corn Hole' league, playing with friends during both the winter and summer seasons. And when it comes to leisurely pursuits, I can never resist a fun card or strategy board game, with Catan being a personal favorite.

Currently, I reside in the heart of the vibrant North Loop community, and I relish being an active participant in its dynamic and engaging atmosphere. Being a part of this community brings me immense joy and fulfillment.

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