Brian Bruning

Finance Director
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Brian Bruning, Finance Director

About Brian

After graduating as a National Honor Society scholar, Brian turned down an International Baccalaureate Scholarship to Oxford University in order to pursue a career in professional baseball. When a devastating shoulder injury suffered during a fiery crash while racing prototype cars at Brainerd International Speedway brought that career to a premature end, Brian went to work as a bounty hunter, and learned the world of finance, using forensic accounting to predict the whereabouts of fugitives and bail jumpers. After being shot at one too many times, Brian decided to slow down a bit, taking short term assignments with the CIA and Minnesota’s BCA, until finally finding a home with DRG. Brian enjoys the adventurous combination of real estate and high finance, and while he may still revel in the intrigue, he is thankful that he can finally talk about what he does for a living. Brian Takes his work and his life seriously, but never himself.

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